You may access all General Standards free of charge.

In order to access specific Standards you will need to subscribe to the relevant Standard category. The subscription is valid for 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase. You will be contacted one month before the expiry of your subscription with regard to renewal.

Please note that Standards are not sold separately on this website. If you wish to order a single Standard, you can do it at the Wiley-Blackwell website after searching for it in the relevant issue of the Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin.


Single user or Multiple users

Single user

Subscription for one person who will receive a unique set of passwords (this corresponds to a single subscriber account - one contact name & e-mail address). If within your company or institution, several accesses to the database are needed, you may choose to subscribe for 'multiple users'.

Multiple users

Subscription for several users (e.g. a 'team') working within the same company or institution. In this type of subscription, an administrator (one person of the 'team') will manage the company/institution subscription account (one set of passwords - one contact name & e-mail address). The administrator will then be able to create/modify/delete the individual accounts for each team member (i.e. choose usernames and passwords without the intervention of the EPPO Secretariat).